In blog-surfing recently and going through those 100 foods lists, I came across one that I really liked (namely because it didn’t seem snobby): 100 Canadian Foods to Consume. Those of you who aren’t casual readers know full well that I’m not Canadian, so it’s sort of a moot point for me to fill that one out, but it did bring up a few thoughts about what the heck I’d put on a Milwaukee foods list, and why.

Except I don’t think I could come up with 100 unique things. I haven’t tried nearly enough of the different things you can get here in town (like pączki), or really want to recommend (like braunschweiger). So I decided to come up with a few of my favorites that are, in my mind anyway, worth your time. Possibly worth eating/drinking before you die. Dunno, that’s up to you…

- bratwurst, grilled, on a bun
- Leinenkugel’s craft beer
- cheesecake from Suzy’s or dessert from Simma’s
- vegetarian chili from Outpost
- Door County cherries
- venison sausage
- Sprecher root beer
- fresh cheese curds
- brandy old fashioned
- State Fair cream puff
- battered fried smelt or perch
- beer cheese soup
- frozen custard
- burek
- chimichangas with cheese
- sauerkraut
- crullers

Any other suggestions?

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