Since Mom and I had both been jonesing a bit for pineapple upside-down cake, I decided to make some.  Pulling out my trusty Joy of Cooking (Christmas present…and a damn fine one indeed), and comparing it to the recipe I pulled from Epicurious, I set about on a DIY project…

As I said earlier, baking is kinda scary, and I was sincerely afraid that I'd bugger things up.  Especially since Joy's recipe called for buttermilk, something we don't keep on hand here in the wilds of suburban Wisconsin.  Mom said I could make my own with vinegar and milk, but to me that seemed a bit risky.  Did it, regardless, following these instructions (1 cup milk + 1.333 Tbsp vinegar, after failing with cream of tartar), and it didn't look quite right, sort of like dip that's separated really badly, or curded cheese (which, really, I suppose would be the whole point of the word 'curdled'…duh).  Added it anyway.

Other than that, everything went fairly smoothly.  Joy of Cooking's recipes have instructions mixed in with the ingredients as you go, which is both a blessing and a curse, as I only skimmed the directions first and ended up running around while in the midst of prep…but everything turned out in the end.  Apologies for the photo quality, as I was getting a glare with my flash on, and the light in our kitchen is slightly yellowish.

Pineapple Upside-Down Cake!

Closeup Cake

Lovely.  Almost as pretty as a store cake, and far more tasty.  We haven't been poisoned yet.