The first in a series, yours truly talks about what she's made from scratch lately.  Terribly exciting.

This noon, Mom said she'd make breakfast, as she hadn't had any yet either (and I had just got up…shut it).  I said sure, scrambled eggs.  Then, ten minutes later she went off to the library to get something because she thought they were on summer hours already, and told me 'you can start if you want.'

I ended up making the whole thing.  There aren't any pictures because it wasn't overly pretty, but it tasted good.  So here is…

How to Make Scrambled Eggs Like Rhi Does
serves two with toast

Get out a bowl and crack in three eggs.  Pour in a bit of milk, but not too much–maybe a quarter cup–it's not worth measuring.  Add salt, pepper, and garlic powder as you like.  At the same time, heat about a half tablespoon of butter in a large pan on your stove at about Medium Low heat (halfway).  While it's heating, whisk everything in your bowl together until it's fairly consistent in colour.  You can do this with a fork.

Before the butter burns…it really shouldn't, you haven't been doing this that long…and once it's melted, tilt your pan and spread it all around, up the sides if you can.  Make sure you get a good cover.  Then pour in your eggs.

Let them cook for a minute or two while you get out as much sliced or grated cheese as you like.  I used the three we had open in the house–American, Cheddar, and Provolone.  (If you're compulsive like me, you'll end up with smaller egg bits because you stir a lot.  Of course, this keeps it from burning.)  Tear in the cheese in bits, let it sit to melt for a minute, then stir again.

Keep cooking until it looks almost the shade you like.  Mom and I like it with brownish bits on the pan side, but not burned.  Then tear in two pieces of cold cuts. (My favourite is salami.)  Let them warm through and cook a little, still tearing it up with your fork.  Around this time, make your toast or whatever to go with it.  Turn down your heat to simmer if you have to wait around, or turn it off entirely.  Serve immediately.

This, of course, allows for as many variables in flavourings as you want.  Dried oregano is good too, I think.  Of course, using fresh herbs means you have to take other factors into account, but they'd probably shape up nicely.
EDIT: Apparently this is in time for EoMEoTE #16: The Da Clucki Code, but since I have no picture…ah well.  Here's a haiku regardless:
Scramble, boil, poach:
Langdon found etymology
in his morning eggs.