While I’ve been working on a post about the food I ate in the UK (to be followed by An American’s Guide to Expat Eating), it’s ending up longer than I thought.  So, for your hors d’oeurve blog-reading consumption, I offer a little something to tide you over until you’re done.

For the last week, I’ve been temping my little heart out at the corporate office of a national company, and since I needed to mentally compose something to occupy myself along with insurance packages, this post analyses food in the workplace.  (Note to any prospective employer: this is not to say that I don’t focus at work.  More that I need to multitask to be able to function better.) 

Here at Public Company, the breakrooms are quite well-equipped.  There’s a main one and several smaller ones, each with two industrial size coffee makers and three to four giant carafes, one for decaf.  There is almost always coffee made, and a selection of accrouments to go with–cream in three flavours (plain, French vanilla*, and hazelnut), sugar both artificial and real.  And, if you don’t drink coffee, there’s also black tea; ice water; green tea in regular, decaf, and lemon flavour; and hot chocolate in regular and no added sugar varieties.

While I’ve always been the ‘if you don’t drink it caffeinated don’t drink it at all’ people when it comes to coffee (unless one has a health problem), I find myself hitting the decaf anyhow, like a hypocrite, or, at the least, the hot chocolate.  Because if I drank four cups of regular coffee in eight hours, I’d be a torqued, gibbering mess of an addict, and useless for the rest of the day.  No good.

Anyway, one particularly interesting thing about Company is that they have a popcorn machine and free popcorn for the employees.  Not crap popcorn either.  If I have a downfall from working here and gain ten pounds, I will blame it on the free theater style popcorn and Company for not promoting Healthy Living.  I think that since I didn’t get enough while in the UK, my body’s still making up for it.  Matt and I went to the cinema at least three times and I went once with a friend, and every time I got popcorn, I missed the fake butter flavour.  For serious.

There are vending machines here in the office, also not promoting Healthy Living, and then a cafe elsewhere in the building.  I am going to try their food today and report, but I can tell you now that they do a mean latte, always my benchmark.

EDIT: They do a mean fried chicken in the Southern style sense (i.e. not breaded and slightly spicy) at the cafe, as well as some great seasoned fries, decent cod, and nice ‘Mexican rice’.  However, my siblings in temping arms were not as impressed with the burger and the portobello sandwich (the latter skimpy on the shroom).

*According to Wikipedia, French vanilla only comes from some vague taste memory of how the French made vanilla custard.  It now, apparently, exists only  in its faux self.  Rather Baudrillardian.