The fact that my candidates won almost every race and that the Dems have the House (I’m a Pelosi fangirl like every other good lil libchik and the idea of a female Speaker pleases me immensely) and possibly the Senate is still overshadowed by the result and the massive margin by which the same-sex marriage ban passed here in Wisconsin.  Odd that the only thing I blogged about is the worst result.

Needless to say, I’m waiting on the litigation.  (And on commentary nationwide from, run by the well-spoken duo of Ryan Hagen and Jeff Behrens.  Check it out.)

At least a few things are secure for now, South Dakota managed to pull through, and I never thought that I’d agree with something Tom DeLay said: the Democrats didn’t win, the Republicans lost.  Dems, please do get around to making changes.  Just one big one would be nice, to prove it can be done.  Mebbe stem cells?

Also…the polarization of the nation never keeps from amazing me.  That whole concept might make a good SF story…who would get what and where if you literally divvied up the nation?  A different sort of apocalypse, and a different sort of civil war.

Now if I only had the time to write that kind of thing instead of merely speculate.  Also, if anyone has a Gawker invite, I might like one.