from the Middle English sinistre, unfavorable
from Old French, from Latin sinister, on the left, unlucky.
(American Heritage Dictionary, 4th Ed., 2000)

From now on, political and feministy posts will be denoted with the heading Rhiannon Sinistra, mostly because it sounds cool and also to warn any people who read this who might not be interested (if you’re just here for the food, for example).  Kinda like one of those org meetings in college where you went to the meetngreet and left before the speeches.  I won’t be offended unless you start ranting at me in comments.

Anyway, a few thoughts today, starting with health care.  Maybe I’m just a naive vaguely socialist wank, but I’m of the opinion that upping taxes some for the good of everyone’s health is not something that most people can’t live with.  The people who are complaining about taxes being raised are often those who aren’t too well off but who can afford their own health insurance…

Yeah.  Just color me annoyed.  And naive.  And uninsured.

I believe in the family
With my ever-loving wife beside me
But she don’t know about my girlfriend
Or the man I met last night

-Genesis, “Jesus He Knows Me” (1992)

Ted Haggard just makes me wonder if there is some kind of karma in the universe.  I don’t support random outings of say, gay Republicans–those who out people against their will obviously have never quite understood just how painful this can be.  However, with Haggard, someone very loudly and explicitly anti-gay (as opposed to the tacit actions of many-but-not-all Republicans), I can’t help it, I’m more smug than I have a right to be at the schadenfreude…

But I’m also not completely heartless.  This happening, as well as Mark Foley’s case, should make us stop and think.  What cultures are these people growing up in that they couldn’t come to terms with their own sexuality, even if they did keep it quiet?  Aren’t we, even outside of evangelical Christianity, a society that boxes gay men into a stereotype even at the best of times; that we refuse to even consider the idea that someone who’s not effeminate and an interior decorator could fancy other men?

The problem of evangelical and fundamentalist Christianity is the main issue at hand, yes: considering they take eating pork with a grain of salt and yet insist on direct interpretations of things they see as personal threat.  But they couldn’t continue to do so with such vehemence and political clout if there wasn’t a deep-seated fear and loathing in Western culture as it were.  Allies can talk the talk, but they’ve had a lot to overcome mentally to get to that point, as have those who are openly queer and accepting of it.

This blog doesn’t presume to find a direct solution, as it’s a far bigger problem than a pundit can tackle, but in some way, we’re all a little at fault for the self-hatred of Haggard and Foley…and all the others out there who harm more people by being in denial than by admitting a few things.  We’ll just keep taking baby steps forward.