I feel like I should be writing something interesting and vaguely coherent, but to tell the truth, there’s not much going on lately.  Enrollment has started here for benefits, which is both exciting and very frustrating.  I know far more about health insurance than, I would guess, 90 percent of Americans.  For further thoughts on this, see my last post.

Which leads me to the point: if you’re one of the fortunate ones who do have it, know what’s going on.  It’s a lot of information, yes, and confusing, but if you read the literature you’re given, everything should be made clear.  Then if you still have questions, call or write.  Only then are you qualified to make a decision.  As for the cost–yes, it’s expensive.  But someone’s got to pay.

Anyway…nothing too interesting on the political or food fronts, except for Russ Feingold announcing his lack of candidacy for president in ’08.  To be honest about it, I’m glad; I could see him becoming the new Howard Dean, and that image disturbs me a little.  Dean still rubs me the wrong way two years later as DNC chairman…and as for Feingold’s politics, centrism is still the way to go for presidency.  That’s something Feingold is not, and I wouldn’t want to see him become that for a dubious goal.  (Though I see him as more feasible a candidate than Hilary Rodham Clinton, as the latter inspires so many people to vitrol.)  When I was a little!Rhi, I wanted to be the first female President of the United States.  Now I don’t think I’d take the job for a billion dollars.  Literally, and particularly as a woman, and one with a few skeletons in the closet.  Not to mention a touch of Lynne Cheney-esque writings…

Just for fun, these were the achievable things I wanted to be when I grew up, in order of my decision.  Please note that ballerina astronaut vet is not on the list.  I was obviously an odd child.

  1. McDonalds worker: I was under the impression one got free fries.  Maybe one does, but now I know about, say, unions, and have read Eric Schlosser.
  2. mathematician: Blame this entirely on Mathnet.  For serious.
  3. first female President of the United States: See above commentary.  Proto-feminist me.
  4. writer: This is still a goal.
  5. cultural anthropologist: Margaret Mead, yo.  Actually, I now have a degree in cultural studies, it’s just not backed up with science.
  6. lawyer/DA: Again, blame this on television.  Damn you, Jack McCoy and Jamie Ross!
  7. feminist activist and professor: It still pisses me off a little that I was too young to be a Riot Grrl.  As for the professor, I’d consider it.
  8. filmmaker: Our current aspiration.

As for the impractical, they involved being  a crew member on the Enterprise, being an Irish dancer, and living in various historical periods.  I’m also the only little girl I know who never planned her wedding or future children’s names.  This is almost a point of pride.  Almost.