With the rash of media (Newsweek, The Nation, TLC) and blog attention to the Quiverfull movement in the last six months and particularly recently, Heart at Women’s Space has written a raw and powerful critique of the movement itself;  she has the right to do so, as an ex-member and mother of eleven children.  It’s a new perspective, and a bit of fresh air compared to the rest of us watching from the outside.  If you’re interested, do go take a look.

I’ve been trying to be diplomatic, but to be honest, there’s literal interpretation of the Bible and then there’s going past that to some kind of delusion.  Even in a conservative view, I daresay God wouldn’t want the health problems and risks that come from that many pregnancies visited upon anyone.  Not to mention the fact that the verses they cite don’t say ‘HAVE TEN MILLION BABIES AS AN ARMY FOR THE LORD’.  Have a lot of children, yes, but not as many as you can stand before you collapse.  It’s one thing to stay at home, it’s another to be pregnant–a difficult physical condition–for twenty years.  Instead of taking it to excess, I would focus on the ones one’s got, raising them to what I saw as the correct way to live.  Not to say that one wouldn’t love each of one’s children, but eventually it reaches the point where one person cannot care for all of them, and it becomes children caring for children.  Which really defies the point of parenting, in my opinion.

All of that, however, is being diplomatic in an attempt to further dialogue.  Though it’s very clear what I actually think; as I’ve said, the exploitation of religious texts and the picking and choosing of interpretation for various doctrines makes me ill.

I think the worst part is that there’s nothing really that I can do, no way to change anyone’s mind.  So I just stick with watching what, to me, looks like a train wreck.