I’ve been following the Gary Miller/Washington Square News fiasco over at Feministe for the last day or so, and it continues to provide me with amusement, primarily because of my feminist vitrol, but also because it reminds me why I’m glad I didn’t do college journalism, particularly opinions.  That is, my sophomoric ramblings won’t be forever immortalised in print, just various places net-side.

Jill did slip a little; her hyperbole regarding the WSN is a bit much and due to her anger at Miller, and she gracefully retracts it here.  Her commentary on the column, however, is pretty well spot on.  I won’t beat a dead horse by ranting about how screwed up Miller’s line of thinking is–you can see what I and others think in the comments of the post.  Instead, I’m going to venture a different angle.

I just have to wonder what the opinions editor was thinking.  Since when does long-winded commentary by a guy that says, essentially, ‘girls who do the club scene are slutty and unapproachable materialists’ qualify as an interesting and provocative opinion in a newspaper as established as the WSN?  Heck, it doesn’t even belong in the Sophian, though that kind of thing shows up too much.  It’s simplistic, for starters, not to mention mostly irrelevant.  Not to mention that Miller’s an outsider–a guy pretending to espouse what he calls gender equality, when in actuality he basically denies that women have any agency to be sexual and make the choice to go out. 

You can think this kind of thing.  Hell, I think that the club scene is ludicrous.   But it’s a woman (not ‘girl’)’s choice to go out, for starters.  Miller’s thoughts just go downhill from there, where he tries to appeal to our sense of feminism in order to rant about how he’s sick of girls looking sexy.  Apparently we’re not allowed to look conventionally sexual because we’re subscribing to the dominant paradigm unwittingly!  Not to mention being girls who aren’t nice and sleep around!  Who knew?

Lame.  Not to mention questionable publishing.  Then again, considering what kind of crap the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel is running in their community columnist area these days, I guess I’m not surprised at the places journalism is going.