Before we get to today’s rambling, I’d like to notify you that today is the Transgender Day of Remembrance.  Those moving above and beyond the standard paradigm of gender face more violence and discrimination than seems conscionable.  Please visit the site and/or take a moment to think about this issue and what you can do to help.

Incidentally, the firewall here at work won’t let me go to the site.  Ironic.

It’s bloody depressing when the headlines in the paper are pushed aside by a miserable Packers’ loss, but hey, what could be more interesting than 35-0?  Headline of the sports section is fine, but…yeah.  As if we needed to think about that any more than necessary, regardless of political point of view.

Ugh.  I think it’s time to start focusing on Thanksgiving (not Christmas, unlike the new neighbours downstairs who already have their tree up).  And by that I mean everything not turkey because I daresay I won’t be doing that kind of thing anytime ever.  I’m on mulled wine and pie duty this year, so reports on that are forthcoming.  Hopefully this time I won’t burn my fingers making pecan pie.