Mika Brzezinski’s stand on MSNBC this morning was, staged or not, fabulous. But what bothers me is something that I haven’t seen pointed out yet. It’s the fact that the men keep baiting her. I don’t care if this is all pre-scripted–they talk over her and under her and tease her for having some sense of real journalism, and that is just Not Cool. Clearly, since she’s a woman, her opinions about her job aren’t nearly as important as what makes good telly.

Though what should I expect from Joe Scarborough? Not much, that I know.

Paris Hilton is a lame excuse even for a celebrity. She doesn’t have a talent (at least Spears and Lohan are stage performers), she doesn’t have anything particularly important to say, from all reports, and she doesn’t do anything except go to parties and spend her father’s money. And drive on a suspended license, apparently. This whole thing proves that ‘no one is above the law’ is just a delusion we perpetuate.

Brzezinski is right. When there’s a war on that Americans are fighting in, and there’s conflict in our government about it, and the Prime Minster of the UK is spending his last day in office…some socialite getting out of a very short jail stay? Does not deserve to be the lead news story on anything that isn’t E!, and certainly not on an allegedly serious station like MSNBC, morning talk show or not.

From the look on Brzezinski’s face near the end, I don’t think this was entirely scripted. There’s definitely some real frustration there, and let’s hope this makes some waves. And that she doesn’t get fired, because then I will boycott NBC.

Which is a pity. I really like The Office.