And I’ll write more about this later: Jonathan Franzen declares himself to be trying to be an OK American.

It’s what all of us who, you know, actually want to compete internationally are trying to do, really, but why does the way he says it rub me in all the wrong ways?  I’ve been annoyed with him ever since he was too cool to be on Oprah, and his commentary in this article just carries on with more of the same.

That is, stuckup neo-bohemian liberalism, which I hate in anyone over the age of 25.  It’s like white guilt and international relations got together and had a baby.  Though I’m not denying that I feel it too, there’s something wrong with tooting the horn of I’M REALLY A GOOD PERSON EVEN THOUGH I’M AN AMERICAN CITIZEN all over the press.  Actions speak louder than words, in the old cliche, and all he’s proving to me is that he’s in fervent denial.

In a phrase, Jonny?  Say it, don’t spray it.