Couple things to report on:

I think I am seriously having issues with paprika.  No, really.  If I eat it in more than small quantities, I get…distressed.  And I don’t mean in the swooning on the chaise sort of way.  I thought the first time was a fluke involving myself and some Middle Eastern food, but then this past week I made some baby back ribs on the grill.  They were fantastic, and I made up a Southern-style (any resemblance to actual Southern food is coincidental) dry rub that I put on, which had paprika as a base.  And then the unpleasantness.  If this happens a third time, it’s more than coincidence, methinks.  The thing is, I’m not all that eager to check in the name of science…

That said, ribs are really a lot easier than everyone lets on–buy a rack, cut it into pieces to be more managable and put on the rub, let it sit for an hour or two while your grill coals burn down.  Cook for about 30 minutes per pound in indirect heat and turn at least once, brush on BBQ sauce near the end.  That simple.  And honestly, not too bad pricewise, for a special occasion.  Like Labor Day.

Also, I finished another knitting project, which means that I can move on to the next big deal project of doom.  (Okay, fine, I might have done that already.)  This was my first foray into the wide world of lace.  Like anything I make, it’s definitely not perfect, but you know, I can live with that.  Mostly.

This is the Swallowtail Shawl by Evelyn Clark.  Usually I don’t go out and buy patterns, but this was so bloody lovely that I couldn’t not resist when I found out that the magazine it was in was half-price at one of the yarn stores here in town, due to being a back issue.  That, and considering that the yarn itself cost under $7, meant that making an attempt was almost predestined.*

And in some vaguely artsy blurry detail (which makes the filmmaker perfectionist in me cringe):

Done in about a month on US 4 needles in Jaggerspun Zephyr (color: Steel). This proves that YOU TOO CAN MAKE PRETTY THINGS. It just takes will. And cursing when you have to rip back several rows, which is nigh on crazy in lace with thin yarn. And walking to the local variety store in 90 degree weather to get rust-proof pins for blocking.

But after that, no power in the verse can stop you. Except maybe something good on telly.

* In the sense that it was cheap, and being me, I never can couldn’t resist cheap.