Weekends, around here, aren’t all that different from weekdays, only with more sleeping in and more noise from the childrens next door.  (For the sake of all involved, we shall not name the childrens anything but Loud Chilluns.  Their numbers vary–there are three in residence, but they are often joined by neighbor children who are almost as loud.)  I would have less of a problem, incidentally, if I didn’t suffer from mild but chronic migraines…and didn’t like to sleep past 9 AM on weekends.  It seems really like no one over the age of 14 remembers the time when they weren’t tired, when getting up at 6:30 AM was a joy.  I sure don’t, and I am beginning to doubt that those times will ever return.

This weekend I was moderately productive.  I helped with the laundry and dinner, and I also did some things that readers of this blog will care about, namely cooking and knitting.  I know I’ve mentioned the Joy of Cooking caramel tart in here before, but I don’t know exactly where.  This tart’s fairly labor intensive, but not all that difficult regardless.  The worst part is making a caramelized syrup, which, like most things people whine about with cooking, is less hard and more time-consuming.  It is much harder to mess it up than anyone lets on as long as you’re paying some sort of attention.  It takes that long, long enough that I turned off the Packers post-game and put on music, as there’s only so many times I can hear about problems with a young offense, and the good work on defense and special teams, and how Favre* was good in the pocket…

There are no pictures, and I apologize, but we had to eat it fairly quickly and therefore it hadn’t set properly.  Now it is set properly, but it’s cut into and messily at that.  Sorry.  Does anyone read blog posts without pictures?  I mean, really read them?  I’m guilty of this myself.

Also, I’ve been progressing with bells on, when it comes to my latest Big Project, the Annie Modesitt Corset Top; though I even managed to cast on my second Broadripple sock, go me…at this rate Mom’ll have socks for Teachers Convention.  It works up fairly fast, but I’m too lazy to take a WiP picture right now.   You can take a look at it as created two years ago by Marnie MacLean, instead.  I’d use the image on Annie’s site, but I think it shows better on a person.

I’m having very good luck with the Malabrigo worsted weight (she says, before being done or even blocking), at the very least with the amount of yarn.  I’m not quite done with the first skein and I have three rows remaining on the bust reducing chart.  The thickness of the yarn does vary, which can be a bit troublesome, and I’m not sure how that’ll work out.   Also, the pattern’s not nearly as difficult as I thought it would be, praise the lord.  Maybe I have finally reached ‘intermediate knitter’ status.

Right now a heavy top doesn’t seem so bad.  We’ve hit that weather point where it can potentially be cool and unpleasant, as evidenced by today.  Wisconsin drivers have not yet got to the point of remembering how to drive in rain (we here are too far north to have been flooded–we’ve got drought instead), and therefore are either driving far too cautiously or insanely fast.  There isn’t a happy medium, and I’m starting to think there never will be one.

* Note: Brett Favre has played for the Packers for maybe 14 years, and I still have difficulty spelling his name right.  I typed ‘Farve’ maybe three times while writing that sentence, even when concentrating.  That said, I have been showing random signs of dyslexia for the last few years.  Who can say why?