So as part of the Knitty Blogstalker 2 community, yours truly has taken upon herself to follow weekly prompts, in hopes of being more motivated to post, receiving more comments, and general other vanity… Right, enough of the fancy talk, here’s the opening salvo: Tell about yourself. Interpretation is open. And therefore yours truly came up with five talking points.

  1. I am from Wisconsin.
    Everything you’ve heard about Wisconsin is true. This would be fine, were it not for the fact that you haven’t heard everything about Wisconsin. For example, if you lived here in Milwaukee, had $20, and were socially motivated, you could find something fun to while away your summer weekend. This something would not even have to include beer, though that is always a consideration. Much I might not like to admit it, this place is pervasive in my speech, actions, and thoughts, and always will be.
    Truth be told, I like Wisconsin a lot more when I’m not in it, but even so, here are some things that I like, which you really just can’t get anywhere else:

    • bratwurst: for those who don’t know, bratwurst is a German style sausage made usually of pork flavored with…well, it really depends, and I can’t find a good combo here on the web. Often it’ll have fennel seeds in it, but not always…um…anyhow. The only way to do brats is to grill them. Anything else is just ludicrous.
    • the Green Bay Packers: you don’t have to like football to remain a Packer fan. It’s a state of mind that no other team has. Yes, everyone else says that about their team, but it’s best explained by Jim Gorant in his new book Fanatic. Packer Nation is silly, but dignified whenever possible, and we do not put up with any crap from our players. Also, the team’s owned by the fans. Literally.
    • Senator Russ Feingold: I’m not going to go to excess here, to spare too much political commentary from those who didn’t expect to find it in this post. That said, Russ’ ability to get elected and reelected as an unapologetic lefty says something about his forthrightness as a politician. And why he’ll never be a presidential candidate.
    • the fact that you can talk to someone while in line and they won’t think you’re nuts: enough said.
  2. I am a geek.
    People take this statement in a lot of ways, but it’s really become so much less of a perjorative over my lifetime alone that I don’t see it as one, really. I’m also multifaceted in my identification as a geek: I have my scifi fan self, but I’m also somewhat of a software and HTML jockey, and I basically majored in pop culture in college. Not to mention I can identify a low angle shot at fifty paces.
    But really? It started with Patrick Stewart and the fact that I grew up with Star Trek: The Next Generation since I’ve really had memories. I feel that we can learn a lot from science fiction (or as people like to put it now, speculative fiction); good scifi provides us with the parables of our times, and asks the hard questions that we face now and may face later. And pop culture analysis means that we can learn from ourselves!
  3. I quite possibly could be a filmmaking oddity.
    Never mind that my ultimate career goal is to direct an approachable and non-esoteric feminist sci-fi epic. I just don’t do things that filmmakers are supposed to do with themselves. I don’t tend to go to the cinema, for starters, mostly because of the expense and the fact that everything’s taking less and less time to go to DVD now, but also because I don’t really feel as comfortable in that setting. Too many people.
    I’m also very disturbed by male directors and their attitudes, and how despite our changing societal viewpoints, this remains the same. I want to play in the same sandbox, but I don’t want to be putting together the leftovers; I don’t want to make drivel, but I don’t want to do some indie film that’s not accessible to anyone.
    By the way, there’s a film reference in the subject of this post, and my favourite film ever is Silence of the Lambs. Take that as you will.
  4. Lately, I’ve swung towards the KISS method in more and more aspects of my life.
    That is: Keep It Simple, Stupid (with a thank you to Mr. Fiet for that being the only thing I got out of freshman geometry). In terms of aesthetics, I don’t want curlicues and swirls and ten shades of pink. I prefer Mission and modern style furniture, clean lines, and colour combinations that make sense. In terms of other things, I want information presented in a straight-forward manner, and while I don’t think a narrative has to be linear, it should come together at some point like a puzzle. If you can’t do this, at least some of the time, take a look back and consider why not. It might be enlightening.
  5. I am a Smithie.

    I never thought when I went off to college that I would be One Of Those People with a firm and nauseatingly set identity rooted in one’s institution of higher learning. I don’t really have it for my high school, that’s for certain. But when it comes to Smith…well, all bets are off, baby. I recognise its faults and its weaknesses and its insularities. But I’m a product of Smith and proud to have gone there, and I would recommend it for anyone who’s 18, female-bodied, and in search of a home place as well as a very, very good education. Being a Smith grad, I think, is something I will never be able to shake, and I’m quite glad of that, really.