All commercials aside, here’s the second installment from Knitty Blog Stalker 2: show us the contents of your purse, without editing. This was, really, a bit shocking, as I have a lot of stuff crammed into one bag that’s about 7x8x2.5 inches. Observe, said purse!

(Please pardon the graininess of the images. It wasn’t a good light for flash, and I haven’t quite mastered the manual settings on my camera so that shooting without flash isn’t horrible.)
So this is my purse. It is Liz Claiborne and I got it on sale. I don’t think it’s real leather, either, but it’s worn well, as I’ve had it for nearly a year. I like that it is black and simple and not too big or too small. That is, really, my ideal purse/bag–unobtrusive, yet large enough to carry things. If you hadn’t quite caught on, I am not a handbag collector…

And here is what is in it, behind the cut! Also, a special image. In looking for the tag inside just now, I discovered some things in tiny pockets that I hadn’t realised were there: an Imodium Advanced and a panty liner. Sorry.

Clockwise from the top left:
– piles and piles of receipts. I think I’ve had the fear of being audited burned into me. Or I’m just a pack rat. One of the two.
– my cell phone. She’s a Motorola RAZR v3. omgtrendy. In case you’re curious, she has the Tenth Doctor and the TARDIS as wallpaper…and the DW theme as ringtone.
– my wallet, and on top, a spare pair of contact lenses. I’m nearly blind as a bat. And no one sees inside the wallet.
– health-related thingies. Visine for Contacts, a little binder clip, the carabiner that was on my old car’s keys but now I don’t know what to do with, a Halls Fruit Breezer (they honestly work the best), an unused Kleenex, Burt’s Bees lip balm, Excedrin Extra Strength (a necessity for anyone with migraines).
– and more health thingies (tampon, band-aid, cinnamon Tic-Tacs that I keep forgetting I have), running into my work ID on a little clip. It’s turned upside down to protect the company. Sorry.
– some AAA information and a little Asti pen that I got when I tried a sample at the store. Booze and pen for free? That’s hardcore samplage.
– an extra Kleenex pocket pack with only one Kleenex in it. On top of it is the sticker from when my boyfriend and I went to the art museum. Last June. That is, 2006. I keep everything.
– underneath that, an inspirational note from my friend Shan that came once with flowers.
– notes to myself that I write at work on Post-Its or mini legal pad sheets and promptly forget. There’s the opening to a sci-fi story/screenplay on one of them.

Also, for your amusement and edification:

It’s impossible to read in this image, unfortunately, but that is a packet of hot Chinese mustard, which they have started to put inspirational sayings on the backs of, to my confusion. This one says: “It’s time we stop worrying, and get angry, you know? But not angry and pick up a gun, but angry and open our minds. -Tupac Shakur

It was bizarre, finding something from him on the back of a mustard packet that was with my Chinese food, but not entirely unwelcome.  Same thing for the sentiment.