Ack!  I’m so far behind in Blog Stalker that it isn’t even funny.  Been working more hours and therefore have far less energy.  Not to mention a lack of inspiration to be clever.  And then there’s Ravelry…

But I’ve resolved to catch up.  And therefore you get more pictures to satisfy your need for more ideosyncratic insight into the life of one young Midwestern woman who doesn’t mind shoving it all out there onto the Internet for you.  So look interested.

Week Three was all about transit–how do you get from place to place?  And much as I’d like to say I have a small carbon footprint and I walk a lot, that’s simply not true anymore.  Not now that I live back in the suburbs.  So I have a car, instead.  She’s my second car, after my first got fairly totaled back in March…long story.  She doesn’t really like humid weather and she has a dent in the hood from an unfortunate incident in August; the interior gets scorching in sunny weather and her previous owner had kids who spilled soda everywhere; and she gets far better highway mileage than city driving (guess which I do more of).  But I love her to bits as she is MY CAR.

Ladies, gentlemen, and other beings: Meet Betty.

She’s a 94 Maxima with a V6 engine.  And I hope to keep her a while.