Someone at work brought in Halloween candy today–it’s that time of year, and we tend to eat a lot of sweets here in corporate America regardless–and in perusing the selection, I picked up a mini-bag of Sour Skittles.  I hadn’t had them in an age and a half, but they seemed to fit my mood.  (You can buy Starburst here in the vending machine, so that was out.)

Anyhow, in consuming the package, I realized I’d forgotten how much I enjoy sour/sweet candy.  I used to eat it in spades as a kid, but lately I haven’t really had access to it.  ‘Taste maturity’, maybe, or maybe I just decided on things that didn’t give a slight burst of pain when one consumed them.  The problem is that the pain of the sourness is the whole point in this candy (or at least in Sour Skittles).  The sweet part’s just a sort of reward, and the real pleasure comes from the sour part.

Is it inherited?  My mother has a penchant for everything lime and lemon, as do I.  The thing is that it has to be strong, not like Cantonese sweet and sour sauce, exactly.

Aside from the metaphors that could be rampant here, I can’t seem to find a scientific logic for this fact online, though I could have sworn I’d seen something once on the Food Network, possibly on Unwrapped.  If you know, drop a comment.

As for me, I’m wondering if I can get away with taking another packet.