– I ordered my first skein of Socks That Rock this past Sunday.  I feel like it’s some sort of young knitter’s rite of passage, like buying the Malabrigo for the corset top.  Baby’s First STR for Baby’s First Toe-Ups, or maybe a Stitch Knitsvah?  Magic Loop, however, will have to wait.

– Drews, in the Tosa Village, is closing.  While I feel sick about it, I also probably will scoop up a bunch of yarn.  Drews has been my source for the same craft supplies at prices lower than the chains.  Very sad.

– My coworker was eating a leftover sandwich, and commented that he had been really hungry because he hadn’t had dinner or breakfast.  I asked him why not, and he said that he’d been to a funeral last night and got back too late.

Wherein I said, ‘well, wasn’t there dinner at the funeral?’

He had no idea what I was on about.  So I had to explain.

I’m not sure if this is a Lutheran thing or what, but almost all the funerals I’ve been to or heard about have had a sort of gathering afterwards.  You have the funeral, then you go to the cemetary, then you go somewhere (the church hall, someone’s house) and have a meal.  The meal usually involves hot ham and rolls–FYI, in case of my untimely demise, I would rather have turkey or maybe tacos or something–and potluck items.  These aren’t supplied by the family, but by the women of the church.  I had to bake brownies for my mother last month for a funeral she didn’t have time to bake for.

Say what one might about Lutherans, and I have plenty to say, I think a meal is a good idea.  It’s not a PARTY, but it sort of revives everyone.  Besides, after all that, one’s usually starving.

Speaking of, it needs to be lunch time.