Why keep my mind from wandering?  And why not inflict it on the world? 

The weather here’s unseasonably warm.  Frighteningly so.  As in, 60 degrees out right now.  The part that’s odd is how it can be the same temperature inside as it was Friday, but I psychosomatically feel warmer; psychosomatically being your ten cent word of the day.

The Socks That Rock yarn came in Friday’s mail (a very impressive turnaround time for being shipped Tuesday), and I spent most of Friday night winding it.  Is there any good way to wind a skein of yarn by hand?  I mean, srsly.  No matter how hard I try, I end up with tangles.
It is beautiful, though.  Slightly shiny, and caramelly coloured and…I want my own, but I really don’t have space for it at the moment.  Do need more neutral colored socks for work, though.  Maybe next year.

I’m quite zen today, which is a bit odd for me.  (If you don’t know me in person–let’s just say that it’s a wonder my blood pressure isn’t ridiculous from time to time.)  I’m reading Richard Dawkins, though, so don’t be surprised if this changes soon.  I can’t decide whether I really appreciate what he has to say, or if it makes me furious that he seems so unkeen on religious agnosticism.

I want to make up my mind about Benazir Bhutto, but I’m not sure what I feel yet.  I don’t like this sort of unsurety, usually my feelings are certain even if they’re completely off-base.  Hrm.  I have to admit it was good to see all of the Pakistani women out en force.

Completely off topic: if anyone can recommend a good foundation that’s not excessively priced but not cheap, I’d appreciate it–going to the mall later for something else and I might stop at Sephora.  I’m having a Pizza Face day (anyone who can tell me where that’s from gets brownie points) and I’m nearly 24.