Those who say they like snow or miss snow, and have never dealt with scraping windshields and driving on messy streets, have absolutely no recourse for their statements and should be subject to scorn posthaste.  And they can scrape off my windshield.  And deal with three, count them, three snows in a week-long period.

Milwaukee County totally fell down on the plowing thing.  I’m sorry, but the ‘there was additional lake effect snow at 4 AM’ bit doesn’t quite cover the rubbishness this morning.  They usually do really well, and I was disappointed in them.

Really, we here in the upper Midwest like to pretend we know about bad weather.  (We do.  Just not in comparison to say, the Yukon.  We tend to get a little righteous about it, too, hence the above.)  It seems to be worse lately, though, swinging from one extreme to the other, and if I needed more evidence that something like global warming is up with the planet, that’d be plenty.

I mean, if it’s not global warming or something we’ve done, then what is it?  Aliens?  The wrath of the Global Standard Deity?

Oh, and for fun: Comment and ask me a question.  If it’s within the bounds of propriety, I’ll answer it in my next post.  You know you wanna.