Things around here have been rather mad lately, between life and the weather, but I thought I’d get to answering the questions of You, The Readership before I completely skivved off on them due to the ungodly equation of S = (h+M) if M = (m^n).* So, without further ado:

Lism asks: If I wanted to take up a bit of knitting, where would be a good place to start?
I have to put in a plug for Stitch and Bitch by Debbie Stoller as a great book for smartass feminist types to start to learn knitting. It’s good to have on hand for all the basics. has great patterns for people of all skill levels, and interesting articles as well.
For Lism in particular, the women in the Glasgow city knits group on Teh Rav note that K1 Yarns in the West End and John Lewis in Buchanan Galleries are the best and most accessible yarn retailers in the city.

Eryn asks: Have you ever scrapped the ice with your driver’s license/credit card/ID? and If train A leaves the station at 10:00 a.m. traveling 60 mph and train B leaves the station at 11:45 a.m. at 80 mph, what color is George Washington’s white horse?
Actually, I haven’t, though I did ruin my second college ID trying to card open my door, back in ’05. Calling Public Safety was far too much of a PITA.
As for the second question, African or European?

Yulinka asks: Will you be blogging about cold weather-worthy cooking?
Yes, I will, in due course, and my apologies for neglecting my foodblogging friends–December, however, has been a crapshoot of late. Actually, I’ve been meaning to blog about my recipe for hot buttered rum, considering our hellish weather lately. It has a soporific effect, so be warned, but it is quite tasty.

To make one mugful, melt together:
– 1/2 Tbsp. butter (7.5 g)
– a few cinnamon redhots
– 2 tsp. (10 g) brown sugar
Stir this to make somewhat of a paste in the bottom of your mug.
Heat 6 oz. (150 mL) of water to near boiling, then add to the mug and stir very well. Wait a moment or two so that the water isn’t too hot, then add 1 oz (25 mL) of spiced rum, e.g.Captain Morgan, and stir again.
Serve immediately.

LadyJayde asks both me and Eryn: Have you broken said license/credit card/ID on ice?
Fraid not, though the above-mentioned ID was in quite a state afterwards. It got to the point where the library staffers had to paste a new barcode on.

Thanks for all the questions, and feel free to ask more, or comment as you like.  Also, a happy holiday or at least day off to all (however many that may be) of my readers!

*Stress equals holiday plus move, if move equals mess to the nth degree.