Amidst world chaos and a vague sort of thaw, we are now moved.  Go us!  (Though really, mostly what I did was packing–the moving was done by others as I, uh, tragically had to work.)  Pictures will be forthcoming, I’m sure, eventually, provided the people from the cable company do their job this morning and don’t skive off because it’s snowing today.

…which is why I didn’t need to come into WP and see it snowing here as well.  I’m sure it’s festive if you’re in, say, San Francisco, but considering our snowfall totals here in WI this December are substantially above two feet (and growing by the moment out there), I’ll pass.  And will hum Pete Seeger.

Anyhow, yours truly hasn’t had much happen besides the move–I’ve read a few books that I should tell you readers, the Nameless Faceless Masses (NFM), about, namely Charles Stross’ latest, which is still fantastic even though the plot has just twisted like a Klein bottle.  Foodblogging will be non-existent probably until February, as you don’t want to know what the kitchen looks like right now, unless I can track down somewhere in Glasgow that still does fried Mars bars. Everywhere I asked back in ’05 didn’t, it gums up their fryers–if you have a recommendation, please let me know.

On the knitfront, I bought some inexpensive goldenrod-colored yarn (Lion Brand–real wool, though, and on sale!) to sort out the detailing on my brother’s fingerless gloves, which he really liked.  The embroidery floss just wasn’t flying; I can knit socks, but anything with one needle is just too fiddly, and you have to do it neatly because it’s light on a dark background, and…ugh.

I also got some crystal beads so that I can whip up Ice Queen as a stashbuster,* though I don’t know if I’ll keep it as it’s not the kind of thing I wear.  I am not a bead person nor a cowl person.  Maybe I’ll give it to my grandmother as a belated birthday gift.

So, NFM, tell me about your plans for New Year’s!

* What else am I supposed to do with that one skein of  laceweight merino that I bought on a whim a year and a half ago, at a store that no longer exists?