Yours truly returned from points British to find Wisconsin had sunk into a deep freeze, one which has thawed now, but is expected to flash freeze itself like a Swanson dinner tomorrow night.  I was less shocked by this than I expected, mostly because it seemed like I’d travelled to early April and stayed two weeks before coming back to January.  That said, I didn’t enjoy being back in the cold (or, you know, being without my boyfriend, sadly).  As we have the benefit of central heating, it made me wonder what kind of shock the weather was for my ancestors, who came from Buckinghamshire to eastern MA in 1690.

It’s a wonder I got here, I suppose.

Anyhow, there will be a post forthcoming about knitting, a post forthcoming on books, and a post forthcoming about being an American eating in the UK (featuring my thoughts on the British obsession with malt, the wonders of chicken tikka marsala, and of course an ode to Irn Bru).  Stay tuned.

Oh, and go Team Obama.