Has it been nearly a month already?  Lord, I’m rubbish.  My apologies.  Either I forget things actually happen, or I start to write a post in my head and it never makes it to the computer.  I read the (deadtree format) collection Ultimate Blogs last week and got sort of inspired but also somewhat disheartened, because I’m not nearly as witty as some people, or as fired up, either.


Anyhow, welcome to everyone who’s come from the Smith alum directory.  It’s a very good idea, I think, for intarweb stalkage purposes (e.g. that girl has a blog?  THAT GIRL?).  I’ve been blogging/online journaling since 1999, actually, which occasionally boggles my mind.  In May, my good ol’ first public email address turns ten, for that matter.  If we ever had to do without the Internet, a la S.M. Stirling’s novels, I would probably curl up into a little ball and die.  Or start training carrier pigeons.  My mother would love that.

From what I gather, March has pretty much stunk for everyone except my mother.  Among the things I’ve had to deal with: the media’s aboutface when it comes to Obama, programs going haywire at work, the Favre retirement issue, and the latest debacle–a transmission fluid leak courtesy of the people at my mechanic’s not putting things back together right a couple weeks ago.

Oh, and Berroco Peruvia.  (For the uninformed, this is yarn.)  I should have listened to ELD when she told me to try about five other yarns first, back at Ruhama’s sale in February.  But did I?  No, I got suckered in by the squishy and soft poor-man’s-Malabrigo factor.  Now all the ripping back that’s going on (due to my inability to properly think through Jesh‘s Simon Tam pattern) means I’m afraid I’m going to pull the stuff apart like I did when I did the tubular cast-on.

At least I’ve managed to invent a wicked drink recipe, but I don’t really have a name for it…it’s 1/2 part Rose’s lime, 1 1/2 parts vodka, 3 parts pomegranite juice cocktail, and 1 part Sprite.  Name ideas are welcome.  I get the feeling I may make a lot here in March.