Greetings from a slightly sodden southeastern Wisconsin.  This year’s weather continues to be bipolar–it’s either dry as bone or wet as a marsh, warm or chilly, and rarely the twain meets.  It’s frustrated my thoughts about possibly doing some kind of herb garden this year, considering the yard was finally cleared only three weeks ago.  That, and we have a giant plastic Tupperware-type shed in the backyard, taking up a good deal of space; the problem with our end of town is that the front yards are considerably larger than the back ones (which leads me to fear that the kiddos playing might run into the street in front of my car).  Maybe I can do a couple pots on the front porch or something.  For someone who comes from a long line of farmers, this is not very impressive.

It has been good knitting weather, and I have finally, finally, finished untangling the Schaefer Anne, then started a sock pattern only to find that it was going to make a fabric far too dense for the time of year for which I’d intended these socks.  Fourth of July and slip stitch and yours truly do not combine well.  Moving forward on Sidewinders requires me to wait for the needles I ordered, so right now I only have one active knit project.  What’s wrong with me?  At least my computer’s fixed.

It’s been good reading weather too, and I’ve got a whole pile of books that I’ve finished or started or haven’t got to yet.  I’ve had this problem ever since I was young; I go to the library and my eyes are bigger than my stomach…or maybe my brain, or my optic nerves.  I wish I could read and knit at the same time, but I doubt that to be really feasible for me.  Everything leisure seems to cut into everything else leisure.

By the way, for those of you who are cocktail fans–AJ Rathbun’s Good Spirits is seriously the best book of drinks I have ever had the chance to read.  I can only imagine what this guy’s liquor cabinet looks like.  Please, of course, drink responsibly.