In bopping around the Intarwebs, it has come to my attention that people think I am cool.  This is my official notification that I am Not Cool.  I’m about as cool as an ice cube…if that ice cube were set on the hood of a car that just drove two hundred miles.  The weather right now is cool.  Paige is not cool, just ask my brother.  (In fact, it seems the weather’s due to warm up any day now.  I’m not holding my breath.  For anyone not in the US, be advised that the Midwest is distinctive in being both hot as hell and frigid as a freezer.)

Right, every time I watch an Eddie Izzard set, I always think that I would be hilarious at stand-up.  (Fortunately, reality sets in and I realize that I am very bad at improvisation.)  I have a theory about stand-up, and that’s that to be funny, in my mind, a stand-up comedian must not be a straight white raised-Christian American man.  Canadian men are okay, and British men.  But not Americans.  They’re just not funny; they’re like comedic Wonder Bread.  This is, of course, why I’m not a judge on Last Comic Standing, because half the contestants would be gone in no time flat.

Not like Last Comic Standing is actually funny, like, ever.

Anyway, I should talk about knitting or cooking or something!  Yes!  Sidewinders are really nice, and end up being very pretty in Schaefer Anne.  They knit up really fast, and the only problem I’ve had is that if I make the medium size, it ends up being too big on my calf and just perfect on my foot.  Clearly I have skinny ankles, which I guess is good, even though I’m from farmer stock and should have thick ones.  But then socks slip down.  Hrm.  I think if I was remaking them, I’d skip the short rows for the calf sizing, but since this second one needs to be consistent with the first, I’m doing it anyway.

My mother was looking through her recipes last weekend, and in her doing so, I remembered when I’d been looking for a cake recipe last year and came across a different cake recipe that led to incredulity on my part.

Watergate Cake.

Seriously.  Who came up with this in the first place?  How was it considered appropriate to have a cake named, even ironically, after a ridiculously awful political scandal?  It’s not like we’ve had cakes named that before or after.  It’s not like there’s Bay of Pigs Cake, or Iran-Contra Cream Pie, or god forbid, Little Blue Dress Tarts.  (But if there was, they’d be rumcake, banana flavor, and lemon, respectively.)

My mother’s answer was ‘it was the 70s’ and I guess that’s pretty much the only answer.  If forced under duress to leave this decade for another one–I like the rights and tech we have here far too much to go voluntarily–the 70s would probably be my choice.  If I were still an academic, it’d be my oeuvre.  Or I’d go visit with the Doctor, in the TARDIS.  Speaking of, why hasn’t anyone come up with Time Lord Socks?  Do I have to do everything myself?

As a more serious side note, I’d like to add that even though I don’t usually email a response (it’s a bad habit from years of LJ), I really do read every comment that comes through here.  It gives my soul joy, for honest.