So it’s been nearly a month, but this time I have a pretty darn good excuse, being that Matt was here to visit (and he brought Percy Pigs, the best British sweetie you’ve never tried).

Well, more than visit, actually.  That disturbance you felt in the Force two weeks ago today was a feminist getting engaged, as if a million friends of mine cried out in complete and utter shock and suddenly were sil…

Right, I haven’t lost any geek points, that’s for sure.  Though I have lost some patience with the constant ‘no date yet, not for a couple years, grad school, moving there’ litany of explanation.  In the future, the world just needs instant blog or Facebook access for this stuff, or maybe I just need little business type cards to hand out.

Anyway, Matt’s gone back and things around here are the usual.  Foodie-wise, we did pop up to Cedar Creek Winery in Cedarburg for their tour and tasting (fairly interesting), and had dinner at Harvest in Madison (food great, service a bit OTT and patchy, people sitting at the next table a royal pain).  Craft-wise I finished the front left side of Arwen and one Hera sock, finished Sidewinders off finally, and mailed the Pomatomus.  I’ve also settled on a yarn and pattern for Ravelympics 2008.

Incidentally, my SNB friend Jen is walking for arthritis in August, and is raffling off some of her seriously excellent stash to those who pledge $10 or more to the charity.  She’s got lots of gorgeous handpaints and even some Wollmeise, so check it out and help her out.