I’ve decided that at some point I need to turn my hand to YA fantasy fiction, because it seems like you can throw any compulsively readable crap at the wall and see if it sticks, these days.  Add fairies, vamps, or witches, a tense romance, and a not-actually-feminist-but-it-sounds-good ‘Girls can do anything!’–and bob’s your uncle, you’ve got a bestseller and a script option!

I mean, srsly, this stuff makes Rowling look like Tolstoy.  And I’m not here to kill anybody’s buzz, because I realize it’s fun, but wow.  Just…wow.  Not to mention the messages this stuff sends.  Though if it’s either that or Rich Young Women In [Big City] Spending Money And Name Dropping, I’ll go with the lame urban fantasy novels any day.

Personal preference.  If you DO want to find good YA fantasy, check out Sharyn November’s stuff over at Firebird.

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