“You’re not living in the real world!”
“Senator, I do live in the real world, and I’m doing just fine in it.”
-Hillary Rodham Clinton and Russ Feingold, 2002

Usually I can make these witty, but at the moment I’m at ends.  So here’s the barebones. 

I’m Paige, or Rhi, and I’m 23, recent college graduate (BA, American Studies; Smith College), INTJ.  I live in the Milwaukee metro area at the moment, where I grew up, but I really belong in Scotland.  I’m a geek, fangirl, cultural critic in the worst way… I’m an aspiring filmmaker who wants to sell out but not too badly and make the great feminist sci-fi epic of our times, and other films as well.  At the moment, I’m temping to pay off some of the loans before I go to grad school.

I’m currently attached.  I believe most situations can involve a Fleetwood Mac quote.  He believes most situations can involve a comic book quote.  I read BUST, he reads The Economist.  Perhaps we’re both right.

At the moment, I greatly appreciate David Tennant, classic rock, British spellings, House, MD, and the Democratic Party.  My political coordinates are -8.13, -6.05; my major issues are socialised health care, women’s/gay rights, and gender advocacy.  I also am interested in public schools and private single-sex education, and keep a weather eye on the cheddarsphere.
In terms of food, I greatly appreciate [yellow tail] Shiraz, caramel lattés, Americanised ethnic cuisine, green bean casserole, pies, and tea Earl Grey hot.  Yes, I’m a plebe.

So what is this about?  Me.  What I’m reading, what I’m knitting, cooking, or eating, and how I’m surviving that mythic thing called the Real World.  Why is someone like me engaging in such domestic pursuits?  I like making things and enjoying them (and enjoying other people enjoying them).  While I hope to eventually do that via the medium of film, at the moment it’s much more feasible to also feed the need via smaller projects.  Less of an audience, perhaps…but that’s why I have all of you, isn’t it?

A brief disclaimer about photography: My still digital camera (a Canon PowerShot A400)  is not the best for closeup shots.  Also, the kitchen I’m currently using has predominantly yellow light.  Even with post-processing in Photoshop, my pictures still are Kinda Ugly.  I realise this; I don’t expect you to think that I think they’re brilliant.  I just think that occasionally a story needs a picture.

( Changing my webhost so I can use WordPress as a program is difficult, so this is hosted offsite at the moment.  Also, the title of this blog is a reference to ‘The Revolution Will Not Be Televised’ by Gil Scott-Heron, who would probably disapprove.)


2 Responses to “The Girl Behind the Curtain”

  1. Karen Says:

    Whoah. I was looking up on Ravelry and saw a group for Milwaukee knitters and then maybe recognized your picture. This is Karen–from highschool? How have you been? Happy to knit I see. Yay.

  2. Hello, I started a Doctor Who Club for Western MA and have been googling for Doctor Who fans and somehow came up with your page. I guess you are not in Western MA anymore. If you know any fans in the area, please let them know about http://www.Meetup.com/Doctor-Who-Club

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