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A couple of links to keep you entertained while I try to come up with some content, because the only knitting I really did in the last several days was A Sekrit.  For the person who came here via Google looking for info on why the Delhi Cafe on Bluemound closed–I have no idea, sadly.  A darn shame, is all I can say.

Gild the Voodoolily is my fav foodblog of late, alongside thursday night smackdown.  Attitude is everything.

I broke my lurking on Cakespy to suggest a few places for them to stop here in the MKE.  Not sure if they took my word for it on Simma’s or if the Cupcake Queen and the folks at Reiman Publications were the impetus, but boy howdy, they found some good places here that I didn’t even know about, and I’ve lived here (save college) for about twenty years.  Glad to see they got pączki at National Bakery!

Knitty’s fall issue is as good as you’ve heard.  Go forth, admire.  Just don’t ask me to make anything for you, I’m on a spending diet this month after replacing my rear brakes last week.

My secret love of parentblogs is now revealed in me telling you how much I enjoy the Bloggess.  Her surreality is just that darn funny.  Her posts and Bossy’s posts seriously improve my Google Reader blues when the political and feminist news threaten to overwhelm me.

Over on Rav, we’re blaming everything that’s gone wrong lately on the Large Hadron Collider, by the way.  Personally, I’m thinking it’s the cause of the Decline and Fall of the Milwaukee Brewers.


The bikers are gone, the geese are here, and ugh, the frantic pace of the Ravelympics and the summer weather put me off blogging for a while.  And after it was over, detox was necessary.  That said, the sox I made are truly gorgeous, and the WendyKnits pattern was very easy to adapt to larger feets.

If you can get your hands on any STR Knitters Without Borders, I highly recommend it, because it works up gorgeously.  The skein seemed a bit questionable, then it became lovely when I put it into a ball, and knitted…well.  Take a look at one sock as a WIP:

a Ravelympics project!

Sans Frontieres: a Ravelympics project!

I’m considering one of two options–either donating the completed socks, or selling them and donating the proceeds.  If you’re interested, let me know.

Did I mention I winned some yarn from tuabella‘s raffle for the arthritis walk?   If any of my readers donated, thanks so much.  We had a great time walking, and then I had some Reuben Rolls–that’s fried Reuben sandwich egg rolls–which were pretty darn good for something that sounds so problematic.  You can get some of your own at Slim McGinn’s here in Milwaukee.  Bring your own cholesterol reduction pills.

What’s your favorite weird fusion dish?  Or, for that matter, fried dish?  And should I try to go to WI Sheep and Wool this weekend?  We here at Not Be Televised occasionally have a hard time with weekend plans.

So it’s been nearly a month, but this time I have a pretty darn good excuse, being that Matt was here to visit (and he brought Percy Pigs, the best British sweetie you’ve never tried).

Well, more than visit, actually.  That disturbance you felt in the Force two weeks ago today was a feminist getting engaged, as if a million friends of mine cried out in complete and utter shock and suddenly were sil…

Right, I haven’t lost any geek points, that’s for sure.  Though I have lost some patience with the constant ‘no date yet, not for a couple years, grad school, moving there’ litany of explanation.  In the future, the world just needs instant blog or Facebook access for this stuff, or maybe I just need little business type cards to hand out.

Anyway, Matt’s gone back and things around here are the usual.  Foodie-wise, we did pop up to Cedar Creek Winery in Cedarburg for their tour and tasting (fairly interesting), and had dinner at Harvest in Madison (food great, service a bit OTT and patchy, people sitting at the next table a royal pain).  Craft-wise I finished the front left side of Arwen and one Hera sock, finished Sidewinders off finally, and mailed the Pomatomus.  I’ve also settled on a yarn and pattern for Ravelympics 2008.

Incidentally, my SNB friend Jen is walking for arthritis in August, and is raffling off some of her seriously excellent stash to those who pledge $10 or more to the charity.  She’s got lots of gorgeous handpaints and even some Wollmeise, so check it out and help her out.

After a week or more of delightfully dry weather, the Humid is back, and with it the ridiculous sinus pain, ick ick ick.  Also, the flood brought, as expected, a bumper crop of Aedes vexans, commonly known as the Northern Floodwater Mosquito, more commonly known as DARN FRIGGIN MOSQUITOES AUGH.  While I’m a magnet for bugs (because I’m so sweet…or something), I at least don’t have the reaction a lot of my other family members have.

I am Paige’s long, put-upon sigh.

The knitting is going well, for summertime handiwork, and the cooking isn’t going much of anywhere at all.  Does anyone else have the problem where one’s hands just feel gross after a while when knitting in warm weather?  Generally sticky and unpleasant and dirty, even though all you’ve been doing is sitting on the couch watching reruns or random documentaries?  Or do I just have weird hands?

I’ve been working with worsted lately, as I’m doing Arwen (front left panel in under a week, woot), and that makes it even worse.  Big needles, big movements, thick fabric, yes, but I needed to take a break from fiddliness.  Sometimes details are just not necessary.

Oh, on the food front, the New York Times decided that Milwaukee’s own Sprecher root beer was the best they could acquire.  Of course, that just tells us here what we knew all along–it’s just that darn good.

In bopping around the Intarwebs, it has come to my attention that people think I am cool.  This is my official notification that I am Not Cool.  I’m about as cool as an ice cube…if that ice cube were set on the hood of a car that just drove two hundred miles.  The weather right now is cool.  Paige is not cool, just ask my brother.  (In fact, it seems the weather’s due to warm up any day now.  I’m not holding my breath.  For anyone not in the US, be advised that the Midwest is distinctive in being both hot as hell and frigid as a freezer.)

Right, every time I watch an Eddie Izzard set, I always think that I would be hilarious at stand-up.  (Fortunately, reality sets in and I realize that I am very bad at improvisation.)  I have a theory about stand-up, and that’s that to be funny, in my mind, a stand-up comedian must not be a straight white raised-Christian American man.  Canadian men are okay, and British men.  But not Americans.  They’re just not funny; they’re like comedic Wonder Bread.  This is, of course, why I’m not a judge on Last Comic Standing, because half the contestants would be gone in no time flat.

Not like Last Comic Standing is actually funny, like, ever.

Anyway, I should talk about knitting or cooking or something!  Yes!  Sidewinders are really nice, and end up being very pretty in Schaefer Anne.  They knit up really fast, and the only problem I’ve had is that if I make the medium size, it ends up being too big on my calf and just perfect on my foot.  Clearly I have skinny ankles, which I guess is good, even though I’m from farmer stock and should have thick ones.  But then socks slip down.  Hrm.  I think if I was remaking them, I’d skip the short rows for the calf sizing, but since this second one needs to be consistent with the first, I’m doing it anyway.

My mother was looking through her recipes last weekend, and in her doing so, I remembered when I’d been looking for a cake recipe last year and came across a different cake recipe that led to incredulity on my part.

Watergate Cake.

Seriously.  Who came up with this in the first place?  How was it considered appropriate to have a cake named, even ironically, after a ridiculously awful political scandal?  It’s not like we’ve had cakes named that before or after.  It’s not like there’s Bay of Pigs Cake, or Iran-Contra Cream Pie, or god forbid, Little Blue Dress Tarts.  (But if there was, they’d be rumcake, banana flavor, and lemon, respectively.)

My mother’s answer was ‘it was the 70s’ and I guess that’s pretty much the only answer.  If forced under duress to leave this decade for another one–I like the rights and tech we have here far too much to go voluntarily–the 70s would probably be my choice.  If I were still an academic, it’d be my oeuvre.  Or I’d go visit with the Doctor, in the TARDIS.  Speaking of, why hasn’t anyone come up with Time Lord Socks?  Do I have to do everything myself?

As a more serious side note, I’d like to add that even though I don’t usually email a response (it’s a bad habit from years of LJ), I really do read every comment that comes through here.  It gives my soul joy, for honest.

Greetings from a slightly sodden southeastern Wisconsin.  This year’s weather continues to be bipolar–it’s either dry as bone or wet as a marsh, warm or chilly, and rarely the twain meets.  It’s frustrated my thoughts about possibly doing some kind of herb garden this year, considering the yard was finally cleared only three weeks ago.  That, and we have a giant plastic Tupperware-type shed in the backyard, taking up a good deal of space; the problem with our end of town is that the front yards are considerably larger than the back ones (which leads me to fear that the kiddos playing might run into the street in front of my car).  Maybe I can do a couple pots on the front porch or something.  For someone who comes from a long line of farmers, this is not very impressive.

It has been good knitting weather, and I have finally, finally, finished untangling the Schaefer Anne, then started a sock pattern only to find that it was going to make a fabric far too dense for the time of year for which I’d intended these socks.  Fourth of July and slip stitch and yours truly do not combine well.  Moving forward on Sidewinders requires me to wait for the needles I ordered, so right now I only have one active knit project.  What’s wrong with me?  At least my computer’s fixed.

It’s been good reading weather too, and I’ve got a whole pile of books that I’ve finished or started or haven’t got to yet.  I’ve had this problem ever since I was young; I go to the library and my eyes are bigger than my stomach…or maybe my brain, or my optic nerves.  I wish I could read and knit at the same time, but I doubt that to be really feasible for me.  Everything leisure seems to cut into everything else leisure.

By the way, for those of you who are cocktail fans–AJ Rathbun’s Good Spirits is seriously the best book of drinks I have ever had the chance to read.  I can only imagine what this guy’s liquor cabinet looks like.  Please, of course, drink responsibly.

You know you’re a bad updater when your brother tells you to update your blog.  (Hi, Lane.)  Sigh.

Anyhow, the weather here has finally, finally improved, lifting everyone’s spirits.  I’ve finished a few knitting projects and was actually inspired to make some cookies over the weekend without prompting…though that might be less the weather and more the fact that my personal comp flatlined on Saturday morning.  In the meantime, I have to find other things to amuse myself, like the Zen exercise that is balling a skein of Schaefer Anne.

Today’s not only gorgeous out, it is also Tax Day here in the US, which for those of us who finished ours six weeks ago is a source of amusement and for those who didn’t is a source of sheer panic.  I went to the library yesterday for a book for aforementioned brother and was nearly run over by several middle-aged professional males heading for the tax forms in deadtree format.  I don’t know if they’re Luddites or paranoid or what, but we’ve done our taxes on the computer for nearly a decade.  My grandparents are the only people I know who don’t, and they go to a CPA, for crying out loud.  The best part is watching the news when they go down to the main post office downtown where all the people are standing in line.  Heck, you might as well e-file after all that trouble, even with the cost.

Ah well, either way, it’s one of those constants, as is the fact that I’ve already managed to spend most of my refund this year on car repairs.  I suppose it’s good for the economy or something.  Anyone got a good cocktail idea for Tax Day?  Mebbe a vodka gimlet for that light green shade.

What would you like me to write about next?  Drop a comment and we’ll talk.  I’m running low on ideas; I do have a lot of Angry, but it’s just too nice out to complain much.

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